Since doing a Masters course in Theatre in Practice at Exeter University in 2006 with Phillip Zarrilli, I have continued with ongoing training in Kalaripayattu, the martial art of Kerala.This has lead to several trips to South India to practice with traditional masters, including SivaKumar Gurukkal at the CVN Kalari in Kollam. 

Building on Phillip’s psychophysical acting approaches and combining it with my own experiences in Suzuki training and Butoh Dance, I lead freelance workshops for artists and university students in the potential use of training and physical sensitivity as creative tools. 

I have taught workshops at Exeter, Kent and East London universities, assisted artists Rosana Cade and Peter McMaster in their practice and directed training as part of Zecora Ura.

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Images from the top left:
1.Phillip Zarrilli lighting the lamp at the CVN Kalari, West Wales. 2.Working with students during a London workshop. 
3.Outside CVN Kalari Kollam, Kerala, South India.